Renters – Airbnb clone – Vacation Rental Software

Renters Clone is an online vacation rental booking website designed particularly for aiming holiday rentals all over the world. Renters clone is exclusively designed to satisfy the needs of the landlords who want to seriously make money by listing vacation rentals from all around the globe. Renters clone script allows you to create your own vacation rental platform to help customers to find space for a cost.

This is the best script for an entrepreneur to build their own niche marketplace for online reservations. Renter script is the well-located method for vacationer to find and reserve online space with particulars such as property type, room type, space description, amenities, location, price, perms, and photos collected with online and automated financial transactions.

  • Built-In Native IOS App for Hosts & Guests
  • Built-In Native Android App for Hosts & Guests
  • Unlimited Guests
  • Unlimited Hosts
  • Unlimited Property Listing
  • SEO Friendly URLs
  • Paypal & for credit card
  • Alert for Hosts and Guests
  • Sign in Using Facebook
  • Banner Management
  • Commission Fees
  • Export Properties, Hosts, Guests,Accounts
  • Coupon Code Modules
  • Elegant Search By City, State Name and Country
  • Msg Communication System between Guest & Host
  • Multiple Language
  • Multiple Currency
  • Sub Admin Management & Privileges
  • Wish List Features
  • Traveler Service Fee
  • User Registration Fees
  • Integrated Google Analytics
  • Review Management System
  • Water Mark Features
  • Trust And Verification System
  • Website Backup through Admin Panel
  • Phone Verification of Hosts Using Twilio account
  • Stripe Payment Module
  • Notification Management
  • Booking Status Management
  • 100% Source Code & Customizable
  • Google Maps Integration
  • Free Installation
  • Free Upgrades
  • Advanced Filter Options
  • Responsive Design
  • IP Based Currency
  • Uploading Images to Cloud Server Amazon S3
  • Free Support
    30 Days
    1 Year
    1 Year
    1 Year
  • Free SEO [ Off Page ]

Renters – Airbnb clone – Vacation Rental Software

Renters Clone is an online vacation rental booking website designed particularly for aiming holiday rentals all over the world. Renters clone is exclusively designed to satisfy the needs of the landlords who want to seriously make money by listing vacation rentals from all around the globe. Renters clone script allows you to create your own vacation rental platform to help customers to find space for a cost.

This is the best script for an entrepreneur to build their own niche marketplace for online reservations. Renter script is the well-located method for vacationer to find and reserve online space with particulars such as property type, room type, space description, amenities, location, price, perms, and photos collected with online and automated financial transactions.

1) What does our free Server installation covers?

Our technical team will do a free installation on your recommended linux server or hosting at free of cost and this does not cover any support or set or installation in your local machine or local host.

2) What does our free Server installation covers?

Our technical team will do a free installation on your recommended linux server or hosting at free of cost and this does not cover any support or set or installation in your local machine or local host.

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Vacation Rental Software – Way to Increase the business Profits

The vacation rental software offers the innovative way for the customers to get the peaceful property rented at any time. The rental software provides the complete solution for all the vacation rental tasks. This software is web based and with the easy installation procedure, you can install the software directly from the internet. As the owner, you can manage the vacation rentals and also provides the customized utilities and features integrated with it. This software is designed in such a way that saves time for both the owners and customers with the enhanced features and renders an interactive platform for them.

The online reservations are provided in the quickest way and this software powers the streamline reservation and also manages in- house rental tasks. The owner can access the vacation rental at any time easily and there is no need of any technical knowledge aspects for the owners to deal with the website. From User point of view they can search the hotels by selecting the location and book the hotels from start date and end date as of day basis and after the booking procedure, the software generates confirmation receipts and statement. The owners need not waste money on hiring the manpower to manage your business but you can easily manage your site by saving time, energy and money. The search option, filter options and color scheme makes your access easier. Thus, examine your needs by availing this software and make the way to handle your business manually towards success.

How can you earn using a Vacation Rental Software website?

Many individuals have the idea to enjoy the scenic beauty and taste the delicious foods around the world. For such people the requirements needed by them are fulfilled at an easy step through vacation rental software. Nowadays, more and more property owners seek the help of the vacation rental management encouraging the owners towards great share. The vacation rental software enables the owner to manage their property online with the help of potential tools that increases the promotion of the business.

The property booking system is one of the major concepts included in the vacation rental software. The customer can log in to the website and can avail the fast booking options according to your needs and thereby payment can be done through online easily. The admin, the web store owner can manage number of property rental and the booking history and transactions are managed as well. When the customers have booked the property for rent and have made their payment, the admin and the owner of the property will share the cash as per their agreement.

This software packed with advanced features and latest technologies provides owners with the easy way of access which enables to identify the existing vacancies and know the current update on reservation schedules. The vacation rental software allows for easy, fast and streamlined, personal auditing of your homes which can be done by the owners without having any technical knowledge as well. Thus, avail the highly customized rental management software solution and increases your finance by gaining profit and manage the number of properties easily and expand your business level.

Why you should buy our vacation rental script?

The vacation rental scripts have provided the success path for the vacation rental industry by offering the convenient way of booking and renting the properties easily henceforth rendering the best solution for the online business. It has an easy installation process and provides you lot of features that enables you to manage your business online. This script provides the biggest opportunity to reach thousands of people around the world who are looking for the vacation rentals. These scripts are ready made and you require no coding knowledge to access it. It is made user friendly and interactive so that it enables the access at any time anywhere.

The vacation rental scripts avails you the easy setup where the administration webpage gives great knowledge about setting up the website and thus enabling with the easy access procedure. The content management system is also available with the best quality features where one can modify it according to their requirements. The scripts are securely coded with the advanced technology used and significant features are embedded in it such as responsive web design, admin interface, social media etc so that these features enable the client website to run successfully. The tools and resources provide richness to the website and saves time and money by bringing up the clients website to the global market quickly. This script grabs the attention of many entrepreneurs through the unique features and therefore maintains and analysis the performance of the website in the search engines. Thus, avail the vacation rental scripts and increase the efficiency of the website globally.

Renters – Best Vacation Rental Software

The renters are one of the best vacation rental software that centralizes your property management regardless of the places you wish to promote your business. The renters are designed aiming for the holiday rentals over the world. This software provides profits to each landlord by increasing the exposure of the property and allows each property manager to create their own vacation rental platform and encourages them to manage the website. The renters offer you the best script to build your own marketplace for online reservation.

The vacation rental software aims to attract the online visitors by providing their essential needs with the help of latest tools and features. The valuable management tools are also embedded which involves automating inquiry response, managing housekeeping schedules, reporting, analytics, work order maintenance tracking and billing, credit card processing, travel insurance and many more. The renters allow easily accessible where the owners can create the customized design for their own product by inserting product name, price, descriptions, images etc. You can manage the website at any time and modify it according to your needs.

The renter’s scripts also provide you with the advanced search option that provides the elegant way of browsing your desired products. The responsive web design is provided that offers the excellent opportunity for the online visitors to experience the browsing from any gadgets. This software provides hassle free installation and avails you with the 24/7 customer support service to solve your queries at any time. Thus develop your website with the new features and market your products with the best solution to fulfill your needs.

Advantages of using our Airbnb Clone script

The airbnb clone script is built with the custom website clone development solution that enables building exactly the same website with all the essential features stuffed in and looks similar as in airbnb website. It is the efficient way of saving the amount and time otherwise it would take a large amount of time in preparing the website. The clone script offers to improve the site functionality and it is the best option available in the latest trend of IT industry. The ready-made website is provided to each client and with the use of unique features, the customized web page can be created that renders an essential need for the end users.

There are many advantages stuffed in the airbnb clone script that provides the client with the full control to create their own unique design with the use of a wide range of features, style, backgrounds and color themes that match the brand and product as well. The clone script provided is highly robust which is clean from any malicious code and the clients have an easy access to modify the design and functionality of the scripts as per their needs. The advanced banner management tools are also provided that avails you to display the banner ads online and that acts as the perfect solution for the clients to maintain the online promotion. The excellent look will be provided into your website which are easy to use and save time as well. There are many other features that can be availed with the use of airbnb clone scripts that aims to provide a rich look to your website and also increases your business standards. Thus, avail the custom development solutions with the unique features and increases your business earnings.

Advanced features from our Renters – Airbnb Clone Script

Everyone knows the pronounced features of the notable Airbnb website and if you want to create the replica of this well acclaimed site with more fascinating supplementary features, then Renters are the right choices for designing the responsive online booking vacation rental websites. While people can enjoy with the original features, the advanced facilities will allow them to have more convenient effects and to make the bookings with ease. It includes the advanced search option which has greatly helped in saving the time and also these applications are available exclusively for the hosts & guests, which can be easily installed in the native android.

The other advanced features provide the businessmen a rich online marketplace platform for the rental vacation bookings and both the travelers & vendors can be hugely benefited. The provision of message communication between the hosts and guests enhances the insights of the provided services. SEO friendly URLS helps in increasing the traffic to your websites and the built-in banner management tool enthralls the entrepreneur with the advertisement facilities which give way for the growth in the revenue terms. And it also grants the simple and straightforward payment methods and also provides the needed facilities in making the secured transactions. The user friendly platform provides the uncomplicated methods in exporting the lists of all properties as excel for the future references by which the administrator can have the easy track. Moreover, the free installations bag more attention and interest from the point of users and we assist in providing the hosting account for a hassle free service. So, make use of our advanced elements and design a captivating site with all the available modern strategies and methods.

Renters – Complete Clone of Airbnb with Add-on Features

People now can have the great opportunity of designing the imitation of the famous online booking vacation rental website Airbnb with the availability of the cloning scripts. Of these, Renters offer the complete clone scripts of Airbnb and with the add-on features, it can create the most unique and user friendly environment from which the people of various categories, the hosts, travelers and the admin can be greatly benefited. If you prefer to the time consuming and cost effective sites with the satisfactory features, Renters never fail you in accomplishing all your expectations. The vendors can improve their business by listing their rentals all over the world and the tourists will definitely be guaranteed with the amazing traveling experience.

It provides detailed description of the rental place and people are given a wide range of option in picking the needed amenities namely the property model, type, price and all other required resources. The responsive design makes the work very convenient to book the reservations from anywhere and the sign in using FaceBook helps the customers to a great extent. All the commission fees and user registration fee modules will assist the single admin in assessing the exact and accurate information. The other noteworthy facilities are the notification and booking status management, which alerts the travelers on their required instructions. The customizable options bears the extraordinary features as it invariably helps the businessmen to change the content and code according to his taste and preference. Thus, these codes bind all the above modern strategies and render the complete resemblance like Airbnb for achieving the powerful design with auxiliary modules.

Airbnb Clone Script – Renters Comes with Native Android & IOS App

Cloning Scripts are gaining more popularity as it considerably saves time and money in building a website equivalent to the existing acclaimed site. Renters are the absolute clone scripts of Airbnb which provides a dynamic environment to the users for making the online rental reservation for the trips worldwide. And nowadays, responsive websites are the latest and current trends which are the most challenging tasks and Renders comes with the native android & IOS App by which all the mobile users can gain innumerous advantages. The smart phone users can enjoy the great features from anywhere they are and all the facilities in these apps are same like that of the desktop features. The apps are available separately for both vendors and travelers which are distinctive to each other and these are easily downloadable from Google play.

For increasing the convenience and comfort, responsive designs are the apt ones and this consequently results in the more number of users and so elevates the revenue greatly. As all the websites have evolved as mobile and tablet friendly, it is necessary for building the rental software also to be compatible with them in order to stay ahead of others. Moreover, this also provides a way for the customers to enjoy the offline experience. The payment options are provided with viable options and people can be secured with comfy payment modes through their mobiles itself. So, choose this script for designing the online booking so feasible with these apps. And feel the comfortable invariably.

Customization & Integration of our vacation rental management software

Websites which are created with the help of cloning scripts will always holds the best features and advanced methods. And our cloning scripts called Renters are the exact replication of the famous Airbnb site of online rental vacation software and it has more emphasis on the customization factors which can help you in inducing some of the best features in it. When it already fulfills the needed requirements and the supplementary facilities can bring the uniqueness to the newly built site. Not all the operations are same and identical in every type of business; these scripts are easily modified and changed according to the demanding needs.

The major alteration can be made in the layouts, logos and people can use their own rental specification, places and other related details. And moreover, you can have the great chances of using the creativeness and imaginative skills in designing the website of your own desirable taste. The overall look of the site can be altered including the color, font, style, backgrounds and other display features. As there is an availability of the complete source code, these scripts are liable to including some of the noteworthy functionalities which improve the sites appealing facets. The bugs encountered can easily be cleared and the entrepreneurs can make new changes or updates in the layouts in the near future. So, pick our vacation rental software for creating the stunning designs and stay ahead with the help of customization and integration of additional benefits.

Effective workings of Airbnb clone scripts

Creating a website is a demanding task and when you want to design a phenomenal site, cloning scripts are the helping hands in making your dream come true. People who desire to build the vocational rental portal can use the Airbnb clone scripts which are the felicitous ones and it provides the complete unencrypted source codes for crafting the perfect site with all the needed requirements. The entrepreneurs can make money through this way of online reservation and the vacationers can easily pick their rooms, convenient space description, price and all other required amenities for making a wonderful trip.

These coding is designed in such a manner that it can be customized with the appropriate specifications. Aftermath the purchase of these, the landlords can provide the rental locations all over the globe and can list all the facilities of the rooms with the detailed explanations and with the clipped images. The travelers can book the reservations of their desired destinations and can enjoy the trip with the guidance of the hosts. It also gives the privilege of sign in from the social media and follows coupon code modules. This helps in letting access to unlimited users and hosts and by this, the entrepreneur can increase the revenue by an easy means. All the transactions are made secure and it greatly helps the tourists to make the payment with much ease and comfort. More importantly, it provides space to banner management tool for the advertisement purposes. As these codes provide the absolute and complete package for the online rental site, people can manipulate them more effectively which in turns saves their valuable time and money.


Release Date
Version 2.1
2nd November 2016
Site ON/OFF feature, Watermark image dynamic, Footer added in search page, Send the special offer to client, Currency conversion API Integrated
Version 2.0
4th March 2016
Image compression, Currency conversion, Implement Special Offer, Bug Fixed like Coupon Code, Multi Language and Listing Process
Version 1.9
23rd Sept 2015
Available dates are available in both app, special price updated in app, water mark reflected in both app, bugs fixed
Version 1.8
13th March 2015
Conversation Message Feature, Cover Photo Feature, Bugs Fixed
Version 1.7
6th May 2014
Advanced Message communication system, Advanced Filter Options, Push Notification in inbox
Version 1.6
2nd Mar 2014
Responsive Design, Bug Fixing done on Invite Friends, Credit card issues, Currency issues, Auto Search Issues
Version 1.5
23rd Feb 2014
Review Management, Profile Menu Bugs Fixed
Version 1.4
02 Feb 2014
Bug Fixing Like problem while adding the address, fatal error issues, photo upload problem
Version 1.3
12th Jan 2013
Added Finance Management, Added Enquiry Management
Version 1.2.1
22nd Dec 2012
Bug Fixing Like map information doesn’t match with the property address, admin panel issues
Version 1.2
19th Nov 2012
Service Fees added for all property, Added Video in slider, Website back up added
Version 1.1.1
07th Nov 2012
Transaction History Added , Bug Fixing Like order list shows empty page
Version 1.1
27th Oct 2012
Automatic google address added, Added payment gateway
Version 1.0
12th Oct 2012
Bug Fixing Like Backup issues, Payment Gateway, Add City Issues

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