Required Features

A feature rich and fully customizable app powered bus booking software system.

Native Apps

Customers get fully branded iOS & Android apps for seamless bus ticket bookings.


From a branded splash screen to the app design, everything should be customizable.

Easy Onboarding

Getting started with the app should quick and easy with multiple login and signup options.

Quick Search

Enter start and end destinations and provide travel date to view available bus options.

Rich Listings

Key details like bus type, fare, timings, ratings, availability and more in a single view.

Search Filters

Filters for bus type, ratings, trip duration, arrival-departure times, pricing, amenities, etc.

Sort Results

Sort listings by ratings, trip duration, arrival-departure time, pricing, etc.

More Info

View bus amenities like charging points, live tracking option, bus images, television, etc.

Seat Picker

Intuitive seal selection process with real-time fare display, one tap to clear and more.

Confirm Booking

Seamless booking flow to make a bus reservation with an easy to understand process.

Manage Bookings

View and manage all upcoming reservations from a dedicated menu and take relevant actions.

Notification Alerts

Customers receive all booking related alerts via push, email and SMS to stay up to date.

Seamless Payments

Customers get easy popular payment options to choose from and pay securely at checkout (Dialog Genie + Another Gateway).

Apply Offers

Promo codes can be easily applied at checkout to claim discounts and keep users engaged.

Reviews & Feedback

Customers can share their bus booking and travel experience through ratings and reviews.

Help & Support

Easy access to customer support details for user queries, T&C, FAQs and more.

Bus Tracking

Track a bus in real-time on a map to help with safety, optimize routes and more.

Reservation Chart

An up to date passenger list for bus drivers or conductor to use for checking tickets.

Route Details

All necessary details provided to drivers and conductors for seamless journey.

Emergency Button

Quickly notify the admin and relevant authorities in case of any emergency enroute.

Control Hub

Manage all aspects of the bus ticketing system from a powerful web-based panel.

Routes & Schedules

Create and manage routes, add pickup and drop points, schedules and other details.

Manage Inventory

Keep a stock of the available buses, seat layout, bus types, tariff rules and more.

Bus Tracking

Real-time tracking of the bus fleet with the bus tracking feature in the driver app/ Bus owner app/ Admin app.

Manage Drivers

Add and manage drivers, assign trips, track performance, feedback, payments, etc.

Manage Staff

Assign roles to multiple operators to manage manual bookings and improve efficiency.

Manage Reservations

View and manage all the bus ticket bookings from a dedicated section in the panel.

Manage Customers

Get a comprehensive database of all the customers and update their data anytime.

Loyalty & Rewardst

Offer targeted discounts, deals and promo codes to loyal customers for marketing.

Manage Notifications

Configure notification settings and alerts for push, email and SMS channels.

Manage Payments

Set a payment account and keep a track of all the payments through transactional history.

Reviews & Feedback

View and respond to customer feedback and proactively improve bus services.

Reporting & Analytics

Get useful insights and reports to aid in data-driven decision making for operations.

Agent Login

Add an agent booking channel to get more customers and manage their commissions.

Web Bookings

Launch an online bus booking website along the mobile apps to maximize reach.

API for 3rd partys to Book ticket

Expose bus inventory to other sites allow them to book.

New Booking Categories

Add hotel bookings and other features as the app grows in popularity.

Bus Operator App

Manage your bus bookings and reservations on the go with a bus operator app.

Why People Should Choose Our Bus Booking App

Our solution must be tailored to the unique needs of bus operators and packed with powerful features and integrations.

Fully Customizable

Our bus ticket reservation system must be flexible enough to meet the specific needs of bus operators.

Robust Booking Engine

The solution should offer a highly scalable and reliable bus ticketing experience for customers.

Third Party Integrations

Ticketing can be made available on aggregator apps and services, new software integrations and more.

Global Solution

App must be expandable to Multi-currency and language support to enable bus operators across the globe to deploy our solution.

User Friendly

App must be easy for anyone to Book a ticket with a click of a button.

Payment Gateway Support

A Backup payment gateway must be intergrated in case the main becomes unstable.

Build an Analytics System

Bus businesses can leverage the analytics engine used in the system to make data driven decisions.