This research study was undertaken to determine how search engine marketing
(SEM) techniques can enhance a nonprofit’s online visibility. The study methodology
was a review of current and relative literature available online and in print. SEM
comprises the activities designed to improve search referrals to a Web site, and it
encompasses both organic and paid search strategies. The literature review conducted
focused on the use of search engine optimization methods to boost the organic or natural
ranking of a Web site.

Pay-per-click (PPC) and keyword purchasing strategies also were
evaluated. The research specifically sought examples of nonprofits using these methods
to increase traffic to their Web sites. The literature indicated that both search engine
optimization and PPC strategies are effective. The research pointed out that a
combination of both would yield immediate and long-term visibility of an organization’s
Web site. Nonprofits had some advantages, compared to for-profit organizations, such as
the Google Grants program and free online advertisements.



SEO Services in Sivakasi

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SEO Services in Sivakasi


In order to be accessible over the internet and to be among the top companies in the search list, there has to be a relevant key word linked to your company. This “keyword” would signify the products or services you render. Being our client, you can always let us know about your preferences on the keywords and, if you are not sure, then let us take this up! Our expert research team would conduct a full-fledged research on your company; they would scrutinize your products or services from every possible angle, and then would come up with the all-important “keyword” which would be relevant to your business. We assure that your company would be in the top ten ranking list on all major search engines.

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