Snake & ladder is the game which is being developed by and this game is also developed after considering the needs and requirements of the clients in the features of this game mobile version app. It is a kind of simple game and whose see-sawing nature is also just incredible to the core. It is quite famous game to be considered by teh game lovers in the world and also specially the children. There is no such requirement of particular skill for playing this game. You will feel over the moon while playing this particular game.

Snake & Ladder Game Development
In this particular game playing, the player just strives for taking his avataar in the game and reaches till the last square (100th) and begins at the first square itself by making use of the scores rolled in the dice as such. In the whole journey, you will also get to face some ladders and also the snakes,as the name of the game goes. The ladders will be helping you to race through the game, but you need to beware of the snakes as these will pull you down to the point from where you have begun this game from. You can also play this particular game from the pocket devices too or any other kind of human player.

You will surely be thrilled while playing this amazing game on your handset as such. In this game, there are also the multiplayer too, around 6 players in all and you will also be able to play the game with friends on just the one device itself. You will also be able to play with the Android App too. You can check out the leader score online and even the achievements too. Compete with various other friends in this Snake & lader game.