Hotels can increase their profits by doing away with 20% – 30% fee normally charged by third party intermediaries. Room rates can be controlled better and reservations can be increased directly from own website Customer experience can be better managed by following their shopping and reservation patterns. Customer satisfaction can also be increased by following up on their online feedbacks and acting upon their suggestions. Customers can be provided various options and incentives (including freebies at gyms, restaurants, spas and other facilities) while making online bookings. Guests can be provided a virtual tour of the hotel on the hotel website, thereby giving them a better idea about the actual property.Launch beautiful, user friendly systemProvide wide range of hotels/rooms to customers.Also manage the booking of walk-ins

  • Provide partial payment option to customers.
  • Customers can book rooms/hotels in single order itself.
  • Hoteliers can manage multiple refund rules.
  • Customer can cancel their reservation anytime.
  • Customer will receive instant confirmation mail.
  • Can reallocate rooms as per requirement
  • Have multiple payment methods integrated within the software.
  • Customer can search hotels/rooms location wise.
  • Manage the stats for the rooms availability in real time.
  • Can manage tax easily.
  • Provide discounts and offers to their customers.
  • Can translate the software in language.
  • Customers can check the information related to rooms in their own language and currencies
  • Customer can provide their testimonial to hoteliers.
  • Customer can send request for newsletter subscription
  • SEO of the system is very good.

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There are many advantages of booking your tickets online instead of traveling to and from travel agency which well take up some of your precious time. Below are just some good points to ponder upon when you are considering your next traveling engagements:

  • Online booking is quick to do
  • No need to travel anywhere (to book the tickets)
  • Real time process
  • Could be cheaper
  • Can access more information and find other deals online
  • Websites can compare different flight prices and details
  • You can use the service 24/7
  • There’s a wide range of choices. Plus, you get information on special offers.
  • It’s safe; online booking sites are secured.