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Multi Level Marketing Clone Script
Multilevel marketing is a professional script which allows you to start your own online business, more then that you can also use this script for promoting the products. It is the procedure to start your own earning website, as a side business or even multipurpose. This script will help you to earn money online and you can start your own MLM system. This script is totally based on MLM system.
  •  Referral Earnings
  •  No Of Refferals
  • Create packages with renew date/expirydate
  •  Charge to join packages or even you can create free packages
  • Track earnings upto level 20
  • Send Notifications to All Users
  • Paypal Gateway to Accept Payments
  • Cash On Delivery Option as payment gateway
What are the features of this script?
  •  Login system 
  •  Signup System
  •  Forgot password recovery
  •  Referral system
  •  Admin panel
  •  Pay upto 20 levels to referrals 
  •  More Security
  •  Fast support system
  • Users can earn money
  •  Users can send payment request
  • Theme included (No need to design any theme)
  •  Easy integration
  •  Customized programing
  • Comments system for every code of line
  •  Advertisements can be placed on any page, to earn maximum money
  •  Profile pages included – Users can update their profiles easily
  •  Users can see his/her down line
  • How this script works?           Lets say Admin created multiple packages for $10, $20, $30. Now Visitor signup for a package under any referral, then referral would be paid for referring the successful visitor.  Its a simple referral based marketing where you can distribute the money over several levels of referral. 
  • How many packages can admin create?            Admin can create unlimited packages.
  • Which payment gateway it supports?           PayPal Payment Gateway And Cash On Delivery.
  • How many referral levels are there? There are 20 levels in the script, i.e. you can pay up-to 20 levels for each signup.
  • Can admin send any notification to all user just like news or MSGYes, there is notification center for user where they can see latest posts, msgs or notifications.
  • Can admin manipulate users?Yes admin have full authority to manipulate users details by login into admin account.

Instant Online Movie Ticket Booking Portal
Making a queue for buying movie tickets is simply waste of precious time. And if you are planning to watch the most awaited film of the year, don’t even hope to get a ticket. This is where online movie ticketing platforms come in. Online ticket booking platforms are not only covering all major cinema chains but also expanding to offer tickets for events, theater and sports. Such platforms technically run over a ticket booking software, but there are a lot of other details that makes these systems such a success. Every day, we get inquiries about e-ticketing system clone script since it is a very popular and profitable business model. Therefore, we planned to write this blog post to inform our visitors about site features which make a ticket booking system work. But before that, let’s throw some light on how these websites make money.

Popular Industry Players

Movie ticket booking websites are mostly country based. Hence, there is no market leader which interestingly makes it profitable to launch such a platform for a region that presently doesn’t have one. We studied various online movie reservation websites and are sharing only the best examples with you:
  • Bookmyshow
  • Big Cinemas
  • Fandango
  • TicketPlease
While these were the popular film ticketing websites, let’s move ahead to look at major site features.

Website Features

Your online movie ticket booking platform must bring unique website features and design so that it stands apart from other similar platforms. We will try to elaborate on the important website aspects and most critical features so that you can come up with modern ticket booking platform:

1. Website Design & layout

The look and feel of the website need to be very lively. Keep the background image changing to highlight an upcoming movie or some event to increase user engagement. Dynamic headers can always be asked from your website design team as a custom add-on feature. The top navigation should be based on the principles of IA. Most critical is obviously the search functionality.

2. Official Blog

Blog is an excellent way to stay connected with your registered users. It must talk about entertainment related news and cover movie reviews as well. It also acts as a medium to increase social media sharing and activity. Keep the posts casual to get along with majority of target audience.

3. Mobile App to target Mobile Visitors:

Launching a mobile app for Android, iOS, Blackberry and Windows phone to capture more business is a great idea as well. Mobile technology has completely revolutionized the ticket booking sector and has made possible to book tickets anytime from anywhere at your convenience. Of course it won’t make financial sense to launch the website and app together. If app-only model doesn’t appeal to you, get a responsive website to capture desktop as well as mobile users. If building on a clone script, go for a solution that promises responsive design.

Price comparison clone script
               It is also known as shopping comparison or price engine allows individuals to see different lists of prices for specific products.This is facilitated with Create unlimited categories and sub categories at unlimited depth and also you can Add unlimited products and import unlimited merchants data feed under the particular categories. This includes Automatic price updater for Amazon, etc. You can also Import products /data feed with CSV, XML, crawlers and manually. Also it allow to add unlimited merchants.And it will automatically generate SEO friendly pages as well as dynamic with better SEO techniques
The individual character is
  • Unlimited products under each category
  • Unlimited products per merchants
  • Product catalog (including featured products) display categories, products, prices and merchant profiles
  • Product rating and review: It helps to know the ranking of you product & also the feedback of the customer.
  • Price comparison: it help to know the product market price
  • Merchant rating and review: it will help to find the reputation of the merchant
  • Product search : More efficient in the product , allow quick product search
  • Recent searches : Allow you to find recent search so that time will be saved
  • Multi language support & Multi currency support So that the person form different region can access this very easily
               It is provided with the Price Alerts features for visitors so that visitor can get frequent price alert about the product and the Search engine activity tester monitor all major search engines and their activity on your website.Affiliate partners data feed generator. Where your affiliate partners can get the data feed list from you and they can run their own price comparison website.In include the Email to a friend feature it enable to email & also it include the Click through tracking and reporting The feature like Auto-Crawler help to crawling merchants’ websites to get products and prices (It is useful if a particular merchant don’t support data feeds) and the Data Feed Import, it help to importing products from any affiliate data feed and automatically creating products
The Merchant Area :  It allow the merchants to manage their product prices, views, click through reports, update their profile and company logo etc. Administrator Area : It is for administrator to manage every feature of site Generator.
The Automatic sitemap generator has the ability to generate all search engine compatible sitemap and the content management system (CMS) allows you to write/update/delete any page (i.e. meta tags, keywords, page titles and contents of the pages.).The Automatic Meta generator (it provide meta description, meta keywords, page titles). Advanced search abilities by price, categories, brand and manufacturer details
  • Built-in eye catching website designs
  • Sponsor links feature for advertisement.
  • Google search engine feature for searching by using Google search.
  • Google analytics feature for monitoring your website statistics.
  • Products filter and search refine abilities
  • Automatic Popular products & Categories feature
  • Popular products feature.
  • Future products feature.
  • Popular Categories details
  • Product comparison & Price comparison
  • Product & Merchant ratting
  • User wish list & Newsletter feature.
  • Tell a friend feature.
  • Spam blocking feature.
  • Each page custom note feature.
  • Merchants profile page and much more…

what is API integration
                    Application program interface (API) is a set of routines, protocols, and tools for building software applications. An API specifies how software components should interact and APIs are used when programming graphical user interface (GUI) components. The allowance and processes to give programs access to connect and essentially, communicate with other programs. Their APIs are their languages. It’s a software-to-software interface that allow for separate parties to talk to each other without any previous user knowledge or intervention. It runs the processes behind the scenes. For example: Many online stores use these to allow you to enter your credit card information, and then the store uses the API to send the information to a remote application that will verify whether or not the information is correct. REST (Representational State Transfer) – An architechtural style of a coordinated constraints applied to components, connectors, and data elements. It ignores the details of component implementation and protocol syntax so that it may focus on the roles of components, their interaction and constraints with other components, and their interpretation of data elements.  

API Signup flow

  • You provide a form on your own website that collects information from your customer
  • Using the Subscriptions API resource, you send a request to create a subscription
  • If errors exist or the credit card charge is declined, they are returned to you, which you can display through your application
  • If no errors exist and the credit card charge is accepted (or no charge is required) then a successful response is sent back to you from the API request, which you may handle by displaying a “Success” page to the customer
  • You may then interact with the Subscription, Customer, or any other resource we expose via the APIto handle changes within your own application state

API Considerations

  • If you supply a reference value when creating a Customer, you will be able to easily interact with the Customer resource and the related resources (i.e. Subscriptions), since your application and Chargify now share a common identifier for the Customer
  • You may choose to save the Chargify Customer ID and/or the Subscription ID within your own application for later referencing those resources (this is a good idea)

Chargify Direct

Certain API endpoints that require sensitive credit card data support direct form posts from your own web pages. This means that forms on your site can send data directly to Chargify servers, reducing your PCIscope since you then don’t have to process or transmit the sensitive data. For more, see the Introduction to Chargify Direct

Recharge – The best option for your online business
Just a Call to Charge Your Mobile ! Our Recharge script is basically designed for business people involved in Recharge Mobile phones, DTH , Data cards, Paytm clone, Online Recharge Script etc.. Our script works on a eminent features with automatic network , search options , tariff plan , easy payment options like freecharge and paytm.If you buy our script this leads you to a successful online entrepreneur.This script helps in fastest and simplest way to recharge your prepaid, postpaid mobile , data card and DTH. We are having the best and valuable mobile recharge module script in India. We make easy online recharge. To start a dedicated Mobile Recharge online Business with online Mobile Recharge, then our script is the best application for your career. It offers success and complete target base business in recharge for Mobile, DTH and datacard. You can control your Recharge operators, Long Code, Bulk SMS and Mobile Recharge by this script. We offer complete script for online Recharge script excluding API.
  • Recharge at the convenience of your home.
  • 24X7 access to online recharge facility
  • Recharge using credit card, debit card, ATM card or net banking, depending on your convenience.
  • Free recharge offers, coupons and discounts
  • Keep track of all your recharges in one place
  • Easy refunds if top up is not successful
  • Recharge all types of prepaid mobile services – talk time, SMS, data plans
  • Recharge all major service providers
  • Safe and secure
Quick and EasyDOD for you:In this business minded person living society our DOD IT Solutions leading the foot path for enduring the services. We the professional team are here to help the clients who are approaching through phone , online , face to face in establishing the business ideas , solutions .Designers and developers are putting hands together in a core process in our concern to be a part of business world .We are unique thinkers in handling the projects and lead you to the pathway as the client needs and requirements. Our concern works with the standard technological processing in updating towards the future society.