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DOD IT SOLUTIONS is a best web development company in trichy.we provides high quality web development services for our worldwide clients.As a top and best web development company in trichy, we focused on developing ERP,CRM,HR and PAYROLL Management systems as well as web applications.Our expert web designers make the richer web designs for these web applications or websites.After the designing part completed our professional web developers developing that web applications or websites into higher level.Our web development service is completely based on the client needs.

As a best web design company we are doing the below services.A rich web design and good web development can make change the clients business level and take into the higher level.For developing those kind of web applications we are using the latest web technologies and scripting languages like PHP, .NET, JavaScript, JQuery and AJAX .Also the web development tools like Photoshop and Dreamweaver.We are developing purely web based applications without making issues.Also we are purely time calculated web design company.Our main motto is deliver the product on time.To compare with other Web development companies around trichy we are the less amount consumed and good web product provider.

ERP,CRM,HR and PAYROLL Management

We are involved in more than 50 ERP web development projects.We proudly say we are the best in it. ERP and CRM web development has been handled by our most experienced web developers.The web design for these web applications has been unique.The PHP and .NET technologies are basically used in this development. MySql playing the important part while developing these web applications. Scripts also developed in the same way. Scripts like Bus Booking Script, Matrimony script and Hotel Booking Script is developed By us.For more info Click here

Ecommerce and CMS Website Development

Ecommerce website development and CMS website development are the important services of ours.We are creating the better web designs for these websites.After It we implement the development process. The ecommerce websites are need to look rich and user friendly.So our web designers and Web developers are working with more concentration.We are developing Ecommerce website by using Opencart and Magento Technologies.Also Developing CMS websites using WordPress and Joomla Technologies.MVC framework and zend are the default frameworks for these web development

Web Development Company Services :

ERP Web Development 90%
CRM Web Development 80%
HR and PAYROLL 70%
Ecommerce Website Development 90%
Scripts Development 60%
CMS Website Development 80%
Web Portal Development 70%

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