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Best Hotel booking script

Online hotel booking script. Hotel booking script is is control to hotel management, online reservation,accomentation service,room service,bnb services and more.hotel booking clone design and developed by php script, and Mysql. Online hotel reservation script download here 100% Open Source Script.

Hotel Booking Script Clone has all the relevant features such as Room / Reservation Management, Secure Payment Methods, Standardized Amenities, Recommended Destinations, Multi – Language and Currency Support etc… which would  result in bringing a hike to your business career. Every business wish to be one or other way the same and if you want to start a site over the Internet using a web browser without any damage so this will be the best way you have chosen.

Hotel and Restaurants Booking Script Clone is made by our skilled developers and designers, with more than 6+ years of experience, who is ready to corporate to client ideas and push their business to the peak. Amazing mob app designs with user-friendly interface provided.

Hotel Booking Demo


Booking Module

One way, trip search , Modify Search
All good
Consolidating location names with multiple API / Operators and take away duplicates , send parallel threads to induce
Remove duplicate buses from results and supported preference we are able to set default sorting like a lot of commissions , rating
Search results time every applicable bus ought to show cancellation policy, boarding purpose, dropping purpose, mTicketAllowed
For Partners like Agents, Distributors show the Economic and Social Council commission and web quantity in search results solely to understand what proportion he can get before booking solely
Standard bus layout ( we’ll not offer our options like name on seat )
Customer information motorcar popup if he already existing client though not logged in additionally
Payment page show estival and back to go looking results
Any block failure motorcar sms to customers with the rationale and serving to
Payment confirmation page with print, email, sms, cancel, insurance etc choices
Ticket confirmation sms, email can attend client


Our system handled all the manner, encase of service cancel either motorcar refund cash and update the price ticket standing as service cancel, issue money coupon, prepare a offline price ticket and stopping refund etc.
Incase service cancel by operator advance our system can send sms additionally to customers

Insurance module

Our system permits before booking insurance choice and even once client books price ticket additionally any time client will return and do payment for insurance, we tend to handled offline insurance additionally throughout failures from insurance merchant
Auto emails can select confirmation of insurance to customers and notification to cc team regarding failure of insurance and handle off line
For cancel price ticket since merchant doesn’t have motorcar cancel method we tend to do offline with the assistance of system motorcar generated emails regarding cancel request for insurance.

Agents module

For all on top of users can have lovely dash board, recharge choices (including Payment entranceway), booking ,payment, subagent/distributor agent reports, balance alert, booking alert, all sms and email no matter we’ve and additionally brand transfer choices, address transfer, these brand and address can attend eTicket and address and agency name can attend mTicket SMS more choices. no matter we’ve everything are provided and consumer will tack together the evaluation of all login fee.

User Management

We can produce CC Logins activate or deactivate etc
We can produce partner and do all settings
We can update any partner plans or commissions one by one supported demand.

Recharge module

We can update recharge balance with correct info as mentioned below or encase need we are able to take away the balance of partner like agent, distributors etc

2.Transaction no
3.Payment sort
4.Payment date
5.Received date
6.Comments additionally default login info regarding United Nations agency is change.

Once recharge done automatic emails and sms can attend partners regarding the main points and together with current balance additionally

Complaint module

We developed totally machine-driven system to clear any variety of problems from client facet or from operator facet or internally etc.
Customers will read the grievance any time and acquire updates and accountable person details , what’s the expected time to shut etc
We send email, sms etc whereas gap and shutting just in case the grievance from customers
We powerfully needed this for audit purpose additionally as a result of lets example one client created a imply his service cancel, we should always produce a grievance for client and mechanically alternative grievance can produce and email can attend our suppliers like API or Operator regarding refund details, thus we’ll not lose one rupee from operators and additionally we should always be able to refund customers cash in-time

Plan management

We can produce the plans like fastened commission, dynamic commission, hybrid commission etc
Update the plans and activation fee additionally etc.

Locations Names Management

Since our all third party giving junk locations and orthography changes and no management on them, thus we tend to developed a module that may be having invalid , valid location lists that map ought to be terribly crucial for entire application.
Example: One operator given Vishakapatanam id as four, alternative visakapatanam given 234, another visakhapatanam given 765 , all location names area unit correct however spellings area unit totally different with several operators however we should always get all operator information and API information even client selected one location name and that we mustn’t show of these locations to customers, thus manual team need to automatise entire method. Our dedicate team keep building Our own list with mapping all, removing list of junk.

Management Module

Management ought to get daily , weekly, monthly motorcar report emails regarding below mentioned details
a.Total range of bookings
b.Total range new customers
c.No of profile created by customers
d.Partner bookings
e.Failed booking count
f.Cancel booking count
g.Each and each section flip over
h.Discount coupon wise what number bookings
i.Operator wise / api wise count
j.Total profit
k.New partner count etc..

Server Details

Dedicate servers
High convenience
Daily work activities and health checks.

Customer Care Team

Fully trained dedicate /Shared basis support ( As per our agreement)

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