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Salient features of Groupon Clone Script:

  • Easy to manage deals: Easy to add, edit and delete any deals with ease
  • Excellent communication system: Online users can communicate with you as well as with users who are online
  • Easy to manage the users added so far: Can edit as well as remove any user with ease
  • Payment procedure becomes easy: Usage of PayPal and PayPal Payments Pro is required for the acceptance of credit cards
  • Systematic and accurate reporting of the data: Data can be in the form of text, charts or bars as well as it is easy to export as excel and pdf files
  • Easy to understand: The script possesses neat and clean code and therefore it is easy to understand.

User Features:

  • Ability to subscribe to daily deal information from the user’s own city
  • Users can get a rebate if they successfully invite their friends to purchase a deal
  • Integrated forum for each city/country for user discussion
  • Ability to upload display photo, edit username, password and user delivery info
  • Ability to verify and claim coupon online
  • Finance Manager
  • Display financial records for fund deposit by members for Offline/Online payment
  • Display financial records for deals by cash payment
  • Ability to top up
  • Deal Manager
  • Display deals the user has purchased by paid, unpaid and all orders
  • Display details of deals that user has purchased including the amount, status, quantity, purchase time and deal info
  • Coupon Manager
  • Display coupons by used, unused and expired
  • Display details of coupon including the coupon number, password, validity date, deal info and status

General Features:

  • Support different account views
  • Information broad casting
  • Easy Work flow of buying a deal
  • Best Backend feature

Other features

  • Integrated Google Maps
  • Show your latest Twitter posts
  • Google Analytics integration
  • Facebook Connect
  • SSL support
  • Buy coupon for a friend


  • Admin stats in dashboard
  • Charts with all user types
  • Charts with incomes
  • Companies can see their own stats
  • Logs about all payments
  • Integrated Google Analytics