BLACKJACK twenty one may be a HTML5 Casino game. scrutiny cards between a player and dealer, that means players complete against the dealer however not against different players.

Blackjack is compete with one or additional normal 52-card decks, with every denomination assigned some extent price. the cards two through ten area unit value their face price. Kings, queens, and jacks area unit every value ten, and aces is also used as either one or eleven. the thing for player is to draw cards totaling nearer to twenty one, while not going over, than the dealer’s cards.

This game has been developed victimization CreateJS library

HD 1280×720
Touch and mouse supported
All audio in ogg format (include WAV on package)
Sounds and sprites area unit optimized
All font area unit in spritefont/bitmapfont
Fullscreen button
Sound button
Modern style
Commented code