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‘Significance of Just Dial Script’
Today where the world is ruled by internet, the importance of online business directory or Just Dial business can be of great idea. To build a business directory or local search engine site like Just Dial the just Dial php Script can be of immense significance. It is a complete web solution that will help save money, time and effort. The script has been designed with all the loaded functions and features that are similar to Just Dial in order to help the users to build a site similar Justdial.Justdial Clone comes with attractive design with better user interface. Users can increase the revenue from Ad Banners and Google Ads whether they considered it as primary source of business or they consider additional revenue source of business with our Local Business Directory Software. Interface is so user friendly so that there is no need to rely on developer; you have full control over your directory website.
  • The liason method of connecting the users across the wide worldIn past days we are surfing the numbers from the std booth to go along with the services that provide en number , multi utility from in and out of our place of stay
  • It bridges gap between user and product seller by helping them in a relevant providing and go along with available products.
  • The services for example food products , electronic services and repair, employment, enquiry, emergency services , entertainment services etc
  • The availability of services for the searching users is across multi platform through mobile , internet
  • The target is just a service oriented basis as a task on day –day life
  • This is access with several action for the users benefit.
  • The people and users can easily approach with the toll free number for the services
  • This is of quick services rather to rush in a queue for waiting for the services
  • The service represents as a large network of classified ads , events management ,organizing functions ,training and aids as a common people looking for fulfilling their own requirements.
  • This makes people by keeping cool by just dialing through a single click

“Easy way to make your property to be of highest priority”
The most successful Real Estate Agents as well as the most successful Mortgage Lenders in the country are using our scripts and dialogues. The purpose of this book is to assist you in getting more appointments and closing more sales. Success or failure is not dependent on luck, circumstances, fate or who got a good break.
  • Our real estate script already has feature rich search functions that provides an easy way to search real estate listings for potential real estate buyers and renters.Our real estate script can accept multiple languages and has the ability to display language accent characters without problem.
  • You can also translate the website easily by using the Translation tool in our real estate script administration panel.
  • Our real estate script also provides easy-to-use seller administration panel to allow real estate agents and property owners to manage their real estate properties with ease.
  • From their seller panel, they can add videos, documents, and photos to any listing
  • Our real estate script is completely designed to build rich features real estate websites with ease.

Supporting Smartphone application for the cab booking system
These cab booking software has also come up with their robust smartphone compatible applications that lets the driver easily respond its passengers over just a tap. Cancelling and re-scheduling of a journey has been made instant and even easier through these apps. This not only is beneficial to the customers but also helps the taxi companies stay away from incurring a loss. Another most noteworthy feature of the apps is the multi-language support which allows the taxi companies to serve customers from different countries. he need for transportation has always been very high all over the world and the transportation companies have been providing different methods of placing bookings for the convenience of their valued customers. People all over the world make use of different modes of public transportation however for private and comfortable transfers, the cabs which are also known as taxis in many parts of the world are the most popular means of transportation

Direct Online Hotel Booking
Hotels can increase their profits by doing away with 20% – 30% fee normally charged by third party intermediaries. Room rates can be controlled better and reservations can be increased directly from own website Customer experience can be better managed by following their shopping and reservation patterns. Customer satisfaction can also be increased by following up on their online feedbacks and acting upon their suggestions. Customers can be provided various options and incentives (including freebies at gyms, restaurants, spas and other facilities) while making online bookings. Guests can be provided a virtual tour of the hotel on the hotel website, thereby giving them a better idea about the actual property.Launch beautiful, user friendly systemProvide wide range of hotels/rooms to customers.Also manage the booking of walk-ins
  • Provide partial payment option to customers.
  • Customers can book rooms/hotels in single order itself.
  • Hoteliers can manage multiple refund rules.
  • Customer can cancel their reservation anytime.
  • Customer will receive instant confirmation mail.
  • Can reallocate rooms as per requirement
  • Have multiple payment methods integrated within the software.
  • Customer can search hotels/rooms location wise.
  • Manage the stats for the rooms availability in real time.
  • Can manage tax easily.
  • Provide discounts and offers to their customers.
  • Can translate the software in language.
  • Customers can check the information related to rooms in their own language and currencies
  • Customer can provide their testimonial to hoteliers.
  • Customer can send request for newsletter subscription
  • SEO of the system is very good.

Mobile responsive matrimony site in India
Our script & design responds to the size of the screen and present the layout for the navigation. Based on the device, It will make automatic switch for readers to browser the site. Our mobile responsive design ensures your matrimony site gives the best experience to look in desktop, tablet, smart phones, ipad etc Don’t need to browser like normal site through phone device. Apart from that, Major search engines give more priority for fully customized responsive sites. matrimonial website is one of the most fashionable matrimonial services on the web . It’s the profile posting and partner search websites. It has become essential that you provide these functionalities on your website. This is your chance to provide these services to the vast audience of match-seekers. The matrimonial website allows potential brides and grooms to place their profiles and search partner profiles. We have developed high quality PHP Matrimonial website with advance features to empower our clients to start their new profitable online matrimony services. This is a very powerful online matrimony management package system that we’ve developed exclusively and user friendly and also fully customizable.  

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