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Redbus Clone script

Redbus Clone wish to be one or other way the same and if you want to start a site just as same as “”, then you have reached the right place. Our Redbus Clone Script has all the relevant features and benefits that could result in bringing a hike to your business career.

Our Redbus Clone Script comes with Mobile Application – Both Android and IOS.

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Mobile : +91 7339131505
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  • Multilingual                                        
  • Special Discounts
  • Customization                                    
  • Timely Departure and Arrival
  • Efficiency and Availability                
  • Updated Events Info
  • Return Tickets                                    
  • Career Link
  • Seat Layout                                        
  • Currency Converter
  • Routes Information                          
  • Weather Forecasting


⦁ Customer login credentials along with forgot password option.

⦁ Personal account details

⦁ Email notification

⦁ Search option enabled for source city and destination city

⦁ Check on available bus details, select desired seat, and boarding point

⦁ Send the booked ticket details via SMS

⦁ Send the booked ticket details via Email

⦁ Can view en-numbers of bus snaps and videos

⦁ User Wallet available

⦁ Payment Gateway enabled

⦁ Print tickets

⦁ Check refund status by entering the ticket number


⦁ Login credentials

⦁ Admin Profile

⦁ Agent details to view

⦁ Block/unblock agent record

⦁ Password change

⦁ Bus details to be managed ( add/delete/edit/block/unblock/pagination)

⦁ Seat structure designed

⦁ Bus images and videos managed

⦁ Passenger details managed

⦁ Ticket details managed

⦁ Seat details managed

⦁ Ticket bookings managed

⦁ Cancellation managed

⦁ Payment details managed

⦁ View bus transaction details

⦁ Cancelling policies

⦁ SMS details managed

⦁ Email details managed


⦁ Login credentials

⦁ Control Panel managed

⦁ Agent Profile

⦁ Deposits

⦁ Target and Incentives managed

⦁ Booking reports managed

⦁ Ledger details managed

⦁ Monthly-yearly-today chart managed

⦁ Bus transaction reports managed

⦁ Wallet/print ticket/cancellation managed


⦁ Login credentials

⦁ Tickets sold (day,month,year)

⦁ Ticket sale graph

⦁ City management

⦁ Manage the city details (edit, status, delete, pagination)

⦁ Route management

⦁ User management

⦁ Manage the users details(edit,delete,status)

⦁ Passengers management

⦁ Ticket details

⦁ Booker details

⦁ Seat details

⦁ Bus type management

⦁ Ticket booking managed

⦁ Ticket cancellation

⦁ Seat managed

⦁ Payment managed

⦁ Commission managed

⦁ Refund status

⦁ Cancelling Policy

⦁ Bus service details

⦁ Advantage of ticket booking

⦁ Bulk SMS managed

⦁ Sms log details

⦁ Email log details

⦁ Banners managed

⦁ Manage marquee text

⦁ Day-to-day offer coupon codes would be generated.


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